nCodes are indeed good

If you read my previous post about racket technologies and making rackets better at what they’re supposed to do, you’ll notice I gave favorable comments on Wilson’s general strategy of stiffening frames uniformly. Now, this was a preemptive statement just based on my readings and understandings of what is going on.

Well, I went to demo a Wilson nCode six one (95) and of course when I get to the store, they don’t have that racket at all, so the young buck on the phone clearly did not know what the racket was (he even went and checked). Nonetheless, I didn’t want to waste the trip so I demoed a nPro Open and nBlade (the only nCode line rackets they had).

These rackets are both much lighter than what I’m used to and I was not looking forward to that since it can seriously mess up your swing for a while, but I have to say, once I got out there and started serving, I didn’t have a problem at all (I’m used to playing with a 12.6 ounce racket and at a minimum, 12.2 with my Flexpoint Prestige). This is good since now I can actually comment on how they felt, and not just that I wasn’t used to them.

I did most of my hitting with the nBlade because the nPro Open was a bit to bulky for my tastes. I came away really impressed with certain shots in particular: one-handed backhands, slice backhands and volleys. Everything felt so solid, stable and precise, even backhand overhead slams felt good! The forehands and serves were stable and solid as well, but this is where I noticed the lighter weight. The latter two being my strongest strokes, I noticed the effort I actually had to put in to generate my normal pace because now I didn’t have as much weight from the racket doing the work.

Overall though, I am happy to report that I was correct in the uniformity of the response. The nCode technology just made the entire frame stiffer giving a more solid feel when hitting through the ball. I was actually pretty impressed with the technology (as I was with the original LiquidMetal technology from Head which stiffened the frame in the particular spots). I think anyone who has a Wilson racket and is looking to upgrade or just buy something that is not discontinued should at least give the “equivalent” to what yours is now a look.

With all of this said, I’m always going to hang on to my 9 year old Wilson ProStaff 6.1 Stretch because it has just the best balance of any racket I’ve hit with :)

P.S. - Speaking of hitting with nCode, check out Federer hitting with his nCode six-one Tour in slow motion

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