Federer vs. Nadal

How likely is it that the French Open final is going to be a matchup between Federer and Nadal?  I think it’s somewhat likely, and on top of that, I think it’ll be the closest match they play.  Federer has been gaining on him in terms of “figuring out how to beat him”, and I’m not so sure he’s going to beat him this time, but I think it’ll be a great match.  Nadal is very comfortable in long matches, and at the end of 2 long weeks, I may have to give the edge to him, although I would like Federer to complete the Grand Slam this year.

So what do you all out there think of the Nadal vs. Federer rivalry?  TENNIS magazine has a headlining article about the duo on their magazine this month, and their analyzing if it’s going to be the similar to the Sampras vs. Agassi rivalry, and Graf vs. Navratilova, etc.  Do you think this is a rivalry is going to last?  Maybe Federer will always stay #1 but Nadal will always beat him, so can Nadal then claim to be #1 in the world in reality?  (not the ATP rankings…)

Look for the 3rd round matches today on TV…enjoy!

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