Semis at the French Open

So it turns out that the semi’s are going to be quite interesting after all.  Assuming Ljubicic makes it into the semi-finals today, it’ll be the first time in almost 20 years that all the top seeds are in the semis.

As you saw in my previous post about the Federer / Nadal rivalry, and likely final match up at Roland Garros, Federer does have a very worthy opponent up next.  David Nalbandian, who has beaten Federer in the past, may be a thorn to get through (By the way, one of our members on Mesh Tennis actually grew up playing with David Nalbandian…apparently he’s not the nicest of gents).

I’m still hoping it turns out to be a Federer / Nadal final so we can see if Federer really has gotten closer to figuring out how to beat him.

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