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So I released a new feature in the past 2 days, finding courts. I’ve noticed that one of the hardest things for users of the site is a) scheduling when to play and b) where to play.

To handle the where part, I thought it would be great if people actually found the exact location of the courts on a Google Map (using the Satellite images) so that people can see the court, and then figure out how to get there and how far it is from them.

So, all I ask of you is, create the courts on the site that you play at. Once you do this, everyone will be able to find the courts you registered, and also add them to THEIR list of courts! You will then be able to see who also plays at the same court as you!! That will make it easier in finding accessible partners.

I will also be integrating the courts in your area into other parts of the site (such as messages and groups)

Let me know if you all have any feedback or questions about the Courts feature, thanks.

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