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French Open Winner - spoiler

I can’t believe it….well I can actually, but I don’t want to. Rafael Nadal did pull through and ruin Roger Federer’s chance at making some serious history. Roger came out in the first set and dominated, well, moreso just played and Rafael didn’t. Then the reverse completely happened in the second set, and when you look at the scores, Roger was playing catch up in his own game the rest of the match. He finally broke through very late in the 4th set, but Rafael’s fire came back and brought him the win. It was not the most amazing match anyone has ever seen by any means, but it had a few points of brilliance.

Overall, I’m still looking forward to see the rivalry continue as I think it will evolve. Roger will end up playing him again, not on clay, and I think get him back on those surfaces, making it more of a real rivalry. To quote Andy Roddick,

“You ask me what I think about this rivalry I have with Roger Federer, but there is no rivalry until I actually beat him….”

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