Hitting out in front

This past Friday, I probably had the best hitting session I’ve had in all of 2006. It was interesting because I was playing at the level I normally play on any good day, and then my friend makes a comment:

“I still don’t feel like you hit the way you did 3 years ago….back then, every single ball you hit was hard in a corner without mistakes.”

Well that got me riled up so I started focusing on punishing the ball back at him, and then I discovered something I always forget about, but realize it’s so essential. I started to focus on two things:

1. Hit the ball out in front of me

2. Hold my wrist firm (I can hear some of you saying “what?!”)

I tell you, the difference is phenomenal. I was hitting every ball with so much pace and spin, it always went in. I was astounded.

So here’s what you can take away from this: The next time you get out there and hit, first, just try hitting the ball more in front of you. There will be a natural effect in which you swing earlier, and I think this is where my second point comes in. You will, most likely, hold your wrist firm through the shot. If not, try it. There is a big difference between whipping a forehand and almost locking your wrist while you drive your whole arm through the stroke.

Hope everyone enjoyed watching Federer finally make it a real rivalry today!!

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