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Tonight, I’m releasing a new but simple feature that I hope will help everyone on the site get a chance to play more tennis with their busy schedules. I’ve noticed that people just like to put out there what they’re looking for (such as Craigslist) in terms of playing Tennis, and yet, even with the message boards provided on the site, people don’t do that. They’ll just go in search of people in their area and try to agree on a time to play.

Well, here’s a shoutout to NYC user Phil for giving me the idea that the message boards are too permanent and there should be some kind of temporary, “hey, I want to play here at such and such a time. Contact me if you can play then.” Well, Phil, it’s here :)

There is a new “listings” link in the top URL next to the search link (and in the Find section of the bottom navigation). Basically, the listings page will automatically show you who’s posted a listing within 50 miles of you! If there are none, you can search in other cities for more listings.

Lastly, the play listings have also been incorporated into Groups (providing they have a city and state filled in), so you can find people in your Groups that are looking to play.

Please let me know if how you like the feature, any feedback on usability, and anything else you may think! Thanks.

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