Mesh Tennis - VA Beach style

I was on a trip in Virginia this past week, and basically drove all across the state forming a triangle between Northern Virginia, Blacksburg, and Virginia Beach. It was there in Virginia Beach that Shaun helped me organize the first Mesh Tennis meetup since there are a lot of active Mesh Tennis users there (you can view these players here in the Virginia Beach Tennis Players group).

All I have to say it was awesome. It was great to meet everyone, hit around, get some good feedback about the site, and just get to know you all a little better. It was even cooler to see everyone, all at different playing abilities, mixing and matching their hitting partners, and just having fun. Marc, thanks for bringing the radar gun! I’m definitely going to find one off eBay for future events ;)

Here are some pictures from the event:

Some of you mentioned that you wanted to buy the Mesh Tennis T-Shirts! Well I made a quick online way for you to get them.

Mesh Tennis on CafePress

There’s a regular T-shirt and a sleeveless. They use the same logo as my shirt on Saturday (but it has to be smaller on the sleeveless apparently). Grab these originals!

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