Federer slams Djokovic for faking injuries

The best of Tennis Magazine’s 10 Davis Cup questions includes the item below. They also have a silly photo of a “kiss” between Russian male players that looks a tad bit passionate - follow the link at the end of the article quote for a quick laugh.

Roger, were you Djoking? Apparently not. When asked about Djokovic appearing injured during their Davis Cup playoff match on Sunday, Federer said, “I don’t trust his injuries, you know.” He then brushed aside the ensuing laughter. “I’m serious. I think he’s a joke, you know, when it comes down to his injuries. The rules are there to be used, not abused. He’s been doing it many times, that’s why I wasn’t happy to see him doing that and running around like a rabbit again. It was a good handshake. I was happy to beat him.” Tennis Magazine

Wow. Feds sure sounds annoyed!

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