Nadal and Berdych fight

The 11th seeded Czech, who buried Roger Federer’s gold medal dream at the 2004 Athens Olympics, was shocked by the screaming sellout crowd which would have done anything to help their beloved “Rafa” advance on Friday.

After the tie, both men engaged in a furious war of words.

“I can understand that they want for him to win the match and win the tournament,” said Berdych, who has now beaten the world No. 2 in three consecutive meetings.

“He’s second in the world, he’s a great player.

“They have to understand that there are many, many other players that can beat him. And then when he tells me that (I’m very bad), it’s nice that a very bad player can beat him three times.”

Nadal said he had his reasons for the exchange which took place at the net as they shook hands.

“I said that because in Toronto in August I didn’t say anything, but he was constantly giving bad looks and nasty looks to the opponent,” said the world number two.

“Today it happened again constantly. He looked, and he looked at me with not a very friendly face.

“He’s a player with an irate attitude, he’s not a bad person.” Zee News

Nadal is just being a bit lame.

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