Cahill is keeping his options open - but it sounds like Australia has him

Maybe it is that fantastic summer Australians are enjoying right now…?

THE former coach of Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi is keeping future employment options open as he works casually with Mark Philippoussis. Darren Cahill, who recently returned to Adelaide from his Las Vegas base, will work as a commentator at the Australian Open.

Cahill is expecting good things from Philippoussis and Hewitt this summer. “I’m helping Mark out a little bit, but nothing I wouldn’t do for any Australian player. He’s working hard and making sacrifices and I think he’s on the right track.” Cahill said it would be a mistake to write off Hewitt.

Cahill plans talks to Tennis Australia soon. “There’s no particular job in mind. I’m not sure where my coaching career is going. I had the greatest job in tennis working with Andre for five years and now I’m sitting back and looking forward to doing a little commentating,” he said. The Age

Clearly he is already talking to TA, and probably is on the verge of announcing he’s going to be working there.

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