Murray talks about Brad

This sounds so much like what Andy Roddick used to say…they should compare notes!

It was not what you might have expected in a job interview, especially if you were the one doing the recruiting. Andy Murray was thinking of hiring Brad Gilbert as his new coach and was in the middle of their first meeting, at this year’s French Open in Paris, when the American asked him to take off his shirt, so that he could get a better idea of his physique.

“For most people I wouldn’t have done that, but because it was him I took it off,” Murray said. “That was what I liked. He has very strong opinions. And when you get two people together like me and him with very strong opinions, you either get on or it blows up.

“He didn’t really listen much, but that was another of the things I quite liked. I felt I needed someone who could tell me what to do. If I was going to go and run for 10 miles, I’d go and run for 10 miles.” Gilbert has been doing most of the talking ever since, but Murray - who decided at that first meeting that the American was the coach he wanted - has no complaints. If the first turning point in the 19-year-old Scot’s breakthrough year, his maiden tournament victory in San Jose in February, came when Mark Petchey was still his coach, it has been under Gilbert that Murray has established himself as a major player on the international stage. Independent

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