Nadal’s modest goals for 2007

Nadal has to stop giving interviews. I’m tired of him praising Federer, and now he sets a dumb goal like this:

Rafael Nadal of Spain on Sunday said his primary aim for 2007 was to remain among the top eight to be able to play in the Masters Cup in Shanghai.

“My goal is to finish the year in the top eight and play the season-ending Masters Cup. If I finish in the top eight, it would be nice,” top seed Nadal said. “(Although) I will also try to retain the number two position. It will be very tough with so many youngsters emerging,” the 20-year-old said.

Nadal had a highly impressive 2006 during which he won five titles, four of which came against world number one Roger Federer of Switzerland. He also said that Chennai Open had a special place for him and it was a very good tournament to start the season. India Times

I’m really starting to wonder if what he says in interviews is a sign of mental weakness. At first I thought he was being polite, but this is getting a little old from someone n the #2 spot. Is he afraid of pulling an Andy Roddick?

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