And now for Roddick’s thoughts on beating Murray

“You don’t want to go out of tournaments two weeks in a row to the same guy. That’s not much fun.

“I tried to switch the strategy. He’s good at baiting you.

“It’s weird because he almost invites you to come in. He’s one of the few players who will do that.

“He’ll hit that slice in the middle of the court without a whole lot on it and then he’ll pass.

“He does that really well so I didn’t want to come in unless it was on my terms. That was a big difference.

“Coming into today I didn’t think I was hitting the ball that well and I wasn’t getting the depth that I wanted to.

“Today I thought I did a lot better and to feel like you’re doing that well against Andy is a good sign because you normally feel the other way.” Sportinglife

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