Nadal thinks the kids have a shot at Federer

“There is a whole pool of young players coming through and all of them are capable of displacing Federer at the top,” Nadal told mediapersons a day before the start of the men’s event.

At only 20, Nadal has shown maturity beyond his years to be one of the few players to defeat the otherwise invincible Federer. “There are youngsters like [Tomas] Berdych, [Richard] Gasquet, [Novak] Djokovic and [Marcos] Baghdatis - who are all capable of beating any of the top players,” Nadal said.

“And he is going to have more rivals and players trying to take his place up there,” the Spaniard stated.

Nadal also fancies his chances at climbing one step higher on the rankings. “I am happy to be the number two player for two years now. But I need to improve if I want to give myself a better chance and be at the top,” Nadal said.

Knowing his drawbacks and weaknesses, Nadal stated that there are certain aspects of the game where he can do better. “I can work on my serve and volley or on my forehand winner or the backhand. There is scope left for improving,” Nadal observed.

“I am always working hard to take my chance to get past Federer,” said Nadal.

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