Feeling stuffy?

Serena has apparently partnered up with Vicks and NyQuil…here are some tips for you! ;)

In addition to taking Vicks NyQuil Sinus and DayQuil Sinus, the following are some of Serena’s favorite tips(1) to help maintain healthy sinuses:

* Use a natural saline spray several times daily to keep the sinuses moist

* Don’t drink iced drinks, as they can aggravate sinus problems

* Get plenty of rest, key to being at your best

* When possible, exercise outdoors to increase your circulation and clear sinus passages

* Make sure you are getting enough moisture in your bedroom at night and remember to close the windows — problems occur when the sinuses dry out, use a humidifier if necessary

* Take plenty of hot showers and inhale steam into the sinus passages


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