Kournikova may be single again

Sounds not so likely from this report, but…

Spanish heart-throb Enrique Iglesias has had nothing but praise for his girlfriend Anna Kournikova of late. So it came as a surprise when reports began to circulate that the couple had split after five years together. It seems that the singer, who was on a visit to Stockholm to promote his first album in three years, Insomniac, made a comment to reporters in jest that he wasn’t expecting to be taken literally.

When a reporter asked if he was married, Enrique jokingly replied he’d just got divorced, saying he was single now and it’s ok. “I don’t mind being single,” he said. The singer’s playful words were then seized upon by the press, which began to report he’d ended his romance with Anna.

It appears that is far from the truth, and indeed his relationship with the Russian beauty seems stronger than ever. He recently told HELLO! magazine that former tennis ace Anna was the only woman he could imagine as the mother of his children.

While he has said he’s not ready to marry - and the couple still live in separate homes - they remain incredibly close. “It is the first serious relationship I’ve had in my life,” adds Miami-based Enrique who says that with the 24-year-old by his side he has no fears for the future.

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