Sharapova gets a driver fired

The internet is dangerous!

The Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who participated in the Istanbul Cup last week had taken a city tour with the driver assigned for her service, without the consent of organizers. When the famous player wrote about the tour in her internet diary, the driver got fired.

On her web diary, Sharapova wrote: “I am in Turkey….warm people and great food (very yummy)…two VERY important qualities. I haven’t seen too much of the city but from what I have seen, it reminds me a bit of Russia. Still adjusting to the time change….sort of forgot what that feels like. I’m hoping I can visit their famous Grand Bazaar because I’m in search of their glass tulip tea cups, although I’m not sure how realistic that really is.

I went through one of those claustrophobic drive through car washes for the first time because there was no way I could spend another 20 minutes waiting around for a proper washing…..I was a bit disappointed because after it was watered and splashed with some disgusting looking rainbow wax, someone dried it by hand with a red towel, that left red looking dust all over it. Is it normal to need another car wash after just washing it?”

When she posted this on her website, tour organizers found out about her secret city tour done without informing officials. Sharapova’s driver in Istanbul got fired.

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