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New Florida tennis job

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

PC Support Technician - WTA Tour (St. Petersburg, FL)

Andy Roddick gets photoshopped

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Seriously. He doesn’t even remotely have a body like that.

Feds is back to winning; Nadal streak ends

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007


Roger Federer had the perfect response to questions about his status as the world’s top-ranked player — he ended Rafael Nadal’s 81-match winning streak on clay.

Federer beat Nadal 2-6, 6-2, 6-0 in the final of the Hamburg Masters on Sunday to win his first clay-court title in two years and snap out of a slump during which he failed to win a title in four events. It was his worst run since he became No. 1 in February 2004.


The Philippoussis dating round-up

Sunday, May 13th, 2007
Tara Reid - It is believed the partying prowess of this American Pie actress became too much. Current status: Single and loving it.

Anna Kournikova - Although the pair spent much of their time together denying the fling, Scud’s coach Pat Cash wrote the Russian pin-up demanded Philippoussis call her three times daily to tell her she was beautiful. Current status: Rumoured to be married to singer Enrique Iglesias.

Delta Goodrem - The pair split for the sake of their careers. Scud denied famous heiress Paris Hilton was the “other woman” who tore them apart. Goodrem’s song Out of the Blue was apparently written about the support he gave her while fighting cancer. Current status: Rumoured to be engaged to Irish singer Brian McFadden.

Paris Hilton - Although never confirmed the liaison got plenty of mileage in the tabloids and glossy mags. Paris claimed Scud left Delta because he was bored. This was denied but still caused a fuss. Current status: Awaiting jail.

Alexis Barbara - The Miami-born actress, model and heiress was 17 when they linked up and she was 18 when they got engaged in 2005. Both made a fortune on selling their engagement story to magazines. Only recently split. Current status: Unknown, reported single.

Other girls in his life: Australian-Bollywood actress Tania Zaetta and model-singer Susie Thorne.
The West

An update on Maria: tennis is still her priority

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Maria Sharapova has become an international icon at the tender age of 20, but what she wants most right now is to be healthy and get back to the sport she loves. I caught up with her this week at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., where she was practicing with her coach, Michael Joyce, and her father, Yuri.

“This is the second year in a row I am missing most of the clay court season,” she said, “and it is so frustrating not being able to get the matches I need heading into a Grand Slam. But right now I am just taking it one day at a time and my priority is to just get healthy.”

Maria is battling a nagging injury to her right shoulder, which has bothered her since the beginning of the year. It has affected not only her serve, but also her patience. In talking to Maria, it is apparent how much she loves competing and how much she misses the tension-filled atmosphere that surrounds every match she plays. In stark contrast to many of her starlet predecessors, Maria craves the satisfaction of victory on the court more then adulation off it.

That’s not to say Maria doesn’t enjoy the incredible access and opportunity that her status allows her. She has a keen eye for fashion and enjoys the process of collaborating with Nike, the clothing sponsor on her always-evolving line of dresses. She is personally responsible for bringing Nike from the sports pages to the fashion magazines.

“It all started with the black dress I wore during the U.S. Open last year [which she won incidentally]. I helped design that and everyone loved it, so I have continued to work with the Nike designers, and I enjoy it so much.”

Maria isn’t the type of person who dreams small or lacks belief in herself, and rightfully so. She is the first female tennis player to successfully transcend the athletic world for that of the fashion world. She was recently the first female athlete on the cover of Teen Vogue, and who could forget her spread in last year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She was recently featured in a 10-page spread in the March edition of Vogue and was named one of the “10 Best Dressed New Faces” by the magazine.

She designed the best-selling pink tennis bag for her tennis racket sponsor, Prince, and the new edition of her bag will be debuting soon, as will her new Canon commercial. She also has a successful perfume bearing her name, which she helped create. So you get the picture: This is one busy 20-year-old. She isn’t just a tennis player; she is a walking, talking, tennis ball-pounding corporation.

Aside from that, however, she personally updates her Web site, answers fans questions and entertains her supporters with insightful and humorous information. Among the info, her “Dream Mixed Doubles Partner” (John McEnroe, so she would have someone to yell at the umpires with!), “Favorite Spa” (Four Seasons Costa Rica), “Favorite place she wants to go but hasn’t been”(Maldives) and “Favorite Movie” (Something’s Gotta Give).”

Maria’s “Weekly Doodles” give her fans access and insight into her life, which sometimes is as simple as practicing and sometimes as spectacular as shooting commercials or attending fashion shows. Suffice to say, she makes the extra effort to let people into her life, giving them the opportunity to know her on and off court.

However what Maria wants everyone to know the most is that, “Tennis is my priority. I am very aware that I get to do a lot of other fun and exciting things because of my tennis, but it is tennis that I love the most, and I will never lose sight of that.”
SI/Justin Gimelstob

Get ready for Kim’s retirement party

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

I think she should have had it at the US Open. :)

Generous to the last, tennis star Kim Clijsters is planning a big bash - for you (assuming you are one of her fans, which nearly everyone acquainted with the game is).
The Belgian is holding the party to celebrate her decision to retire while young, in good health and engaged in a still- prospering career, which is without precedent in professional tennis. ‘I won’t leave without saying goodbye to you all and I will invite you all to a big party in September,’ she says on her website, adding the invitation will appear in due course in a newspaper or on the web.
The Guardian

Roche to coach Hewitt?

Sunday, May 13th, 2007
TONY Roche is poised to become Lleyton Hewitt’s coach after being sacked suddenly by world No. 1 Roger Federer.

Roche, regarded as the world’s best tennis mentor, is expected soon to confirm his intentions to work with Hewitt after his three-season partnership with Federer disintegrated at the weekend.

Hewitt’s manager David Drysdale said yesterday Roche was a strong contender to join the South Australian’s camp.

“I’m not sure what Rochey’s frame of mind is at the moment, but I’d talk to him, without a doubt,” Drysdale said.

“He’s worked previously with Lleyton in Davis Cup with great success.”

Federer, suddenly wallowing despite winning six of the past seven majors, could team with an Australian again by hiring either Darren Cahill or Roger Rasheed.

Cahill was not available for comment yesterday, while it is known Rasheed has been approached recently by two top-20 players.

Both men formerly worked with Hewitt, who remains without a full-time adviser.

Hewitt has not had a full-time coach since Rasheed’s abrupt resignation in Adelaide in January.
Herald Sun

Nadal wins Rome for 3rd time

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Rafael Nadal became the first player to win the Rome Masters three consecutive times by beating Fernando Gonzalez of Chile 6-2, 6-2 on Sunday.

The victory extended Nadal’s winning streak on clay to 77 matches. By reaching the final, the Spaniard had already broken John McEnroe’s record for most victories on one surface.

The second-ranked Nadal needed only 1 hour, 24 minutes to overcome his opponent, who was never in contention against the two-time defending French Open champion.

“I’ve had the good fortune of coming here for three years and winning for three years,” Nadal said. “It’s an incredible sensation.”

It was Nadal’s fourth ATP title of the year. He also won in Indian Wells, Calif., Monte Carlo and Barcelona, and has 21-3 career record in finals.

Ivanovic wins German Open

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Go Ana! She’s such a sweet girl, she totally deserves this win.

Serbian teenager Ana Ivanovic, hobbling on a taped right foot, won the German Open on Sunday by beating third-seeded Svetlana Kuznetsova 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 (4).

The 19-year-old Ivanovic won her third career title, defeating a top-10 player for the eighth time. She will reach the top 10 in the new rankings Monday.

“It was so painful in the third set that I went for a lot quickly, trying to hit winners fast,” said Ivanovic, who had her foot taped in the second set. “But I’m just amazed to win. I didn’t expect this. I just want to enjoy the moment.”

Kuznetsova, the 2004 U.S. Open champion, played for the second time Sunday and at times appeared fatigued as the two hit hard shots, going for winners with few long rallies. Ivanovic pressured Kuznetsova into a long forehand long to close this tuneup for the French Open, which begins May 27.

“I cannot say I was very fresh,” Kuznetsova said. “The third set was tough.”

Two hours earlier, the Russian eliminated Justine Henin 6-4, 5-7, 6-4 in a rain-delayed semifinal. She had been beaten 14 of 15 times by the top-ranked Belgian, including in last year’s French Open final.

“It’s mental, so beating her was very important,” Kuznetsova said. “The final was a minus, but there were more pluses. I played great matches against Justine and Nadia (Petrova).

Rain stopped the match Saturday, when the top-seeded Henin played two opponents for the second straight day.

“Today I was missing some energy, some legs on the court,” Henin said. “This was the toughest week I ever had. It’s been bizarre. It was very hard mentally, physically.”

Thoughts on Hewitt from his inner circle

Saturday, May 12th, 2007
“I wasn’t surprised to see Lleyton lose in Rome,” says Newcombe, one of the few people allowed into Hewitt’s inner sanctum.

“He hasn’t played much. I don’t think he’d be expecting great results just yet. He’d be hoping to hit some really good form by the time Wimbledon comes around. Any wins or matchplay he gets between now and then is a bonus.

“For now, he’s just not matchtough, but I’ll tell you what he is: fresh in his mind for the first time in years. He’s determined to fight his way back to the top four in the world and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get there.”

In a candid interview, Newcombe also says:

■ Hewitt sees his relationship with the media as a war.
■ His break-up with Kim Clijsters and subsequent marriage to Bec Cartwright meant he lost focus on his tennis.
■ Hewitt still could win any of the grand slam events except the French Open.

“There’s a bit of a problem with his image,” says Newcombe, a former world No. 1.

“He’s shy, you know, but he’s just got this fire in his belly on the court.

“Unfortunately, because of that fire and competitiveness, some bad things were written about him early in his career. A certain number of the media just didn’t like him, and a certain number did. The ones that didn’t like him, it didn’t matter what he did, they just wrote bad things about him. He took that to heart and turned off all media and since then it’s become a war, which is a shame.

“It’s hard for someone like myself to convince him that it’s not a battle you want to get into. Pat Rafter went through the same thing in 1995-96. He felt the pressure from the media, but he learned to just go with the flow.

“You media guys are just doing your job. Some of you will be pricks, but the majority of you will be pretty good guys. From that moment, Pat enjoyed a terrific relationship with the media. But if Lleyton tells you to get f—ed, you’re not going to sit down and write something nice about him, are you?
The Age

Um, last I checked, Lleyton isn’t exactly a victim of the media. He has done plenty of things, early in his career and recently, to show that he is an ass. This is like saying that Nicholas Kiefer is a great guy on the court - it just isn’t true. Don’t make me bring up the James Blake incident again. And how did cheating on Kim go, anyway? How about the incessant whining and catfighting about Australian courts? Yeah, poor, poor Lleyton. I feel so bad that the media is such “pricks” to him. I can’t wait for my invitation to this pity party.

Anyway, as far as coming back, I forsee a Tim Henman-like unfolding of his career. But with much less dignity and grace. COME ON!