Maria’s Wimbledon dress: swan-like

Russian star Maria Sharapova’s newest Wimbledon tennis fashion theme is the “swan-look,” characterised by a willowy white dress.

The 20-year-old former champion’s outfit features wing-like frills down the back, producing a stylised feathered effect.

Sharapova is more than pleased with her latest designer offering: “I think the end result made it look more like a swan. Even on a hanger, it doesn’t look as swannish as it does on me.”

The Russian does have a small concern that her avian theme could unwittingly put her at risk for the trained hawk which patrols Centre Court each morning to scare off pesky pigeons.

“Does the hawk usually bite the swan? Jesus, I might have to cut those pleats away,” she joked. NewKerela

I’m sorry, I can’t hear a swan reference without thinking of Bjork.

I’ll dig up an post a pic of the dress.

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