‘Age of Love’ still weak in the rankings

I managed to catch part of 2 episodes of this show. I can’t compare it to other similar dating shows, because I haven’t watched them - but this sure is cheesy. I can’t figure out why Mark would sign up for this - based on the onslaught of older women I had to kick out of secure areas when I worked the Miami tournament, it is purely for publicity/money/etc.

His search for a soul mate has led Philippoussis to reality television, where he is the main man in a show on NBC called “Age of Love.” It is a show on which Philippoussis is trying to find love among 13 women. The twist is that the women are ages 21 to 48, with the younger group nicknamed “kittens” and the older set called “cougars.”

Let’s see. He is 30 and not long ago dated a girl he reportedly met while she was still in high school. Do you think a kitten or a cougar will be there at the finish?

Philippoussis has his own nickname on the tennis circuit. He has been called “Scud” because he possesses one of the biggest serves in tennis. Like many of those big serves, this venture into television land missed its mark. Ratings for the first week of the program — it debuted June 18 — showed that the Scud is a dud with the viewing audience.

Despite following the popular “Deal Or No Deal” show in its debut, “Age of Love” was no big deal, coming in third on network TV in its time slot the first week. It was beaten out by a pair of repeat sitcoms — Two And A Half Men and How I Met Your Mother — and Hell’s Kitchen, an LA-based reality show. Week two wasn’t much of an improvement. Herald Tribune

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