Philippoussis contestant rips Mark

Of the few episodes I saw, I managed to catch enough of the plot to figure out that everyone was supposed to think that Adelaide Dawson and our boy Mark were just a match made in heaven. I think that idea was planted to make for more drama, because he apparently eliminated her from the competition right away. Now that the episode has aired, she rips him up a bit.

Though the aim of the game is to win Philippoussis’s heart, Dawson says she wasn’t playing to win.

“He was pleasant enough, but he wasn’t very relaxed,” she says.

“He was quite mechanical about the whole thing. He was awkward with us.

“I like tennis, but I usually prefer to watch women’s tennis. I like the look of tennis players usually. He seemed to be really into himself. He was pretty vain and arrogant.”

Dawson says she did not feel rivalry with any of the other women, young or old.

“I didn’t see it as a competition, but after watching the show and listening to what the older women said about us, I can see they were really competitive.

“I didn’t see it as a competition. I thought I would have a go because, you never know, I might like this person, but he wasn’t my type.”

So who is? Dawson says soccer player David Beckham is more her cup of tea.
Herald Sun (AU)

Vain? Arrogant? Sounds a bit typical of many male tennis players and probably all reality TV stars.

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