Rumors begin that Mauresmo may not play US Open

Amelie Mauresmo could opt to skip next month’s US Open, according to the Frenchwoman’s coach.

Mauresmo has won just one tournament in 2007, and has failed to progress beyond the last 16 in any of the three grand slams so far this year.

The 28-year-old, currently ranked sixth in the world, may now decide to finish the season early and focus on her preparations for the 2008 campaign.

Loic Courteau, Mauresmo’s coach, told French daily L’Equipe: ‘Everything is possible.

‘It is possible she will play it, or that she won’t play it.’

Mauresmo has struggle with adductor problems this year, and Courteau revealed the player may take a break to fully regain her freshness.

‘She really needs to completely recharge her batteries, to re-energise, to come back with new ambitions and goals,’ said Courteau.

‘That could take time. A fortnight? Three weeks? Two months? I don’t know.’

Seems a bit early for a coach to even be speculating on this.

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