The Roddick dating update

Hmm, been awhile since we had one of these!

Now, on to someone equally droolworthy: Andy Roddick! We gossip girls at the Awful Truth can’t get enough A-Rod in our lives, you?
Let’s rewind back to Matt Leinart’s Bowling with the Stars fundraiser for a bit, where we chatted up the adorable tennis star to see if he plans to go all Venus ‘n’ Serena on us and try out his thespian chops. “I did acting,” A.R. ‘fessed. “I did Saturday Night Live, and for me, I think it’s downhill from there. So, I don’t think I’ll be pursuing that anytime soon. I thought it was great; I just didn’t think I was very good at it.”

Just like his bud Matt, Andy also claimed he had zero game off the court way back when. “It’s tough to pick,” he replied to our worst-you’ve-struck-out-dating Q. “High school was a little tough, but I got better at tennis, and that helped.”
Got you a few dates with Maria Sharapova, didn’t it, doll? Andy told us he’s now seeing someone from back home, which happens to be Austin, Texas. Inside, he was hangin’ with a hot blonde, so maybe that was the gal? Lucky lady! EOnline

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