Serena’s past resurfaces

Ah, Brett ratner. I remember that guy. I saw him in the stands in Miami back when I first started getting crazy about tennis. Apparently he is still talking about Serena Williams, all these years later:

* Serena Williams — Palm Beach Gardens tennis pro and former girlfriend of Ratner’s: “We’d go away somewhere where there were tennis courts and I’d go, “C’mon, let’s hit,’ or I’d carry around my tennis racquet and she’d go, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ I’d say, ‘Don’t you like playing with me?’ and she’d go, ‘Brett, I want to be honest with you, OK? There’s nothing I hate more in life than playing tennis with you.’
“So if you ask me if I’m a good tennis player, I guess not. I guess it’s frustrating (for her) playing with somebody that’s not a pro, y’know. She was just miserable.”
Palm Beach Post

I bet she probably just didn’t want tennis taking over yet another part of her life. The last thing I want to do with friends, boyfriends, etc is my job.

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