Philippoussis is still together with Amanda, apparently

Three months after the US reality dating series wrapped up, Confidential can reveal Scud and the winning beauty are still very much an item.

Amanda Salinas, a 25-year-old business assistant from Tennessee, told Confidential yesterday life with the 30-year-old Poo was better than ever.

“For whatever reason, I always felt comfortable with him, but now (the cameras aren’t rolling) it’s so much more comfortable,” she said.

“I’m actually flying out (to San Diego) to see him tomorrow.”

In an enthusiastic gush, Salinas said she had fallen for Philippoussis from their first meeting on set.

“Initially I was attracted to him physically but then saw the way he was with everyone,” she said.

“He just has this huge heart.

“He was so sweet and caring and the way he talked about his family was so nice.”

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