Vaidisova looks to be in great shape

Nicole really looks like she’s been hitting the gym harder recently…

While playing yesterday, she did show her temper was pretty much the same as usual though. While no fans had a ball hit right at them, she did smash up a racket:

After losing five match points in her match against Flavia Pennetta, who forced a tiebreaker, the 18-year-old from Prague smashed her racket against her chair. The chair stayed upright while her frame bent all the way to a 90-degree angle.

“I had (five) match points and I didn’t make one of them, so I think that deserved it,” said Vaidisova, the No. 13 seed.

Vaidisova said she has broken countless rackets, but not as many as a notoriously emotional former Open champion: “I’m an angel compared to Marat (Safin).” The Journal News

Comparing yourself to Safin doesn’t seem like a winning strategy… I sure do miss seeing him in the late stages of tournaments though.

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