Clement received offer to throw a match

French tennis player Arnaud Clement says he has refused money in the past to lose a match, but would not elaborate on Monday.

“It has happened to me, I won’t say where or under what circumstances,” Clement said after losing 6-4, 6-3 to Mikhail Youzhny of Russia in the first round of the Paris Masters.
“There was not a fraction of a second’s hesitation (to refuse the proposal).”

The 2001 Australian Open finalist feared revealing more about the offer could lead to reprisals against him.

“That’s why I don’t want to say too much about it,” Clement said. “And it’s for that reason that I won’t mention either the place or how it happened.”

Clement thinks lower-ranked players struggling to make an impact may be under more pressure to accept such offers.

“The problem is for a player slightly lower in classification (ranking) or in a certain amount of financial difficulty,” he said. “Even if he refuses, this can play on his mind during the match. It can upset him. That’s not the case for me. To accept something like that is to betray the sport.”

I’d think that if he didn’t report this in a timely manner, he did a disservice for people like Davydenko, who are now under suspicion.

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