Yuri Sharapov pretends to slit throat at Maria’s match

Yuri is so freaking WEIRD.

Sharapova’s box went wild. Her father, Yuri Sharapov, seemed to make a dramatic throat-slitting motion as his daughter blew kisses to the crowd. Sharapova has said her father looks like an “assassin” for wearing camouflage, army print hoodie and dark glasses courtside at this Open. She did not see her father doing the motion.

“He put his hood on, yeah. What about the hood?” she said later.

When a journalist indicated the motion Yuri made, Sharapova replied: “Oh, when he closed the hood?”

Journalist: “No, like a throat-slitting action.”

“God, you guys notice so many things. I saw him do that because he was so excited. He loves that sweater,” Sharapova said. The Age

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