Wimbledon LIVE Online Video by MediaZone

Today marks the first day that I am watching Wimbledon LIVE online through the MediaZone service. The service lets you watch live streams online of the Wimbledon matches, and control which ones you want to watch.

I’m going to write some initial impressions and then update them as the tournament continues:

Positive points:

  • Video quality is good, no delay or flicker in video
  • Love the ability to switch between current matches with the links on the left
  • Negatives:

  • Video is not DVD or HD resolution. Video can be made full screen, but it’s just stretching default video size (which is around 385 X 286, a 4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Background audio is “tinny” (such as the clapping of the crowd), although the commentator voices come in very clearly
  • Suggestions:

  • Put the current scores in a single line under each of the matches on the left side (so I know if I want to click over because the set / match might be ending, or the match is very close)
  • Hopefully they’ll develop or license a video codec to produce an HD stream in the future (see ABC.com streaming, it’s amazing)
  • Firefox is a much better browser than Internet Explorer, it would nice if it worked with Firefox.
  • Make the Help link be a popup like all the other links! On top of that, there’s no way to get back to the video after click the Help link unless you use the keyboard command “Alt + Left”
  • New Suggestion: See if it’s possible to keep the volume level the same when switching between the different live match streams. I realize this can be a limitation of using Windows Media Player, but if it were possible, that’d be nice. UPDATE: I just noticed that if a match ends, the stream automatically closes and switches to another one. The volume did not change in this case though, which makes me believe that my suggestion about the volume is technically possible.
  • Summary:

    So far, quite a good experience for watching Tennis online, definitely worth it if you don’t get it on local TV, or just want the convenience, control and all access viewing of live broadcasts.

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