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Photos: Nadal with girlfriend

Attention is really turning to Nadal now!

Here’s a few more Celebrity Gossip photos of Nadal and Xisca.

There are additional photos if you follow the link.

Here’s some more info about Xisca and her relationship with Nadal:

Both have been a pair for three years, but are determined not to become a “celebrity” couple.

Xisca, a student, has always sought to keep Rafa grounded, though he has won four French Open titles and Wimbledon this year.

The Daily Star quoted a pal, as saying: “She likes to keep a low profile – so low that until recently many of Rafa’s pals didn’t even know who she was. Xisca is a quiet girl who likes dinner with her girlfriends, Hollywood movies and just spending tender moments with Rafael. She knows there is a lot of hype surrounding him but won’t let it go to their heads.”

Nadal, 22, said recently of Xisca, whose full name is Maria Francisca: “She is ­perfect for me, because she is very relaxed and easy-going.” MSN

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