Sharapova out of Olympics after shoulder tear

It was rumored to be in the works after yesterday’s near loss by Maria Sharapova, and nwo the rumors are starting that this is true - Maria Sharapova will not play in the Beijing Olympics.

Maria Sharapova pulled out of the Beijing Olympics on Thursday after getting an MRI in Montreal which revealed that she has two small tears in her right shoulder.

Sharapova is said to be relieved that she has finally discovered what was causing her shoulder to ache since re-injuring at Indian Wells in March, but is also extremely disappointed that she’s be unable to compete in the Olympics, which has long been one of her dreams.

Sharapova is headed to New York to visit with the renowned sports physician Dr. David Alchek, who will give her a second opinion as to how much time she should take off. In her 7-5, 5-7, 6-2 win over Poland’s Marta Domachowska on Wednesday night, Sharapova was unable to get her arm back far enough to hit a kick serve and when she came off court, told her coach, Michael Joyce, that the shoulder felt different.

The doctor that Sharapova visited with in Montreal said she needed to take off a substantial amount of time to allow the injury to heal, which puts the 2006 US Open champ’s chances on competing in America’s Grand Slam, which begins on Aug. 25, in serious doubt. Sharapova may decide to let the injury heal entirely before picking up a racket again, as she’s been frustrated at playing than less than 100 percent, which might also put her entire fall season at risk.

So many shoulder problems for a young player - this issue has been coming up for years now, and is now seriously impacting her career.

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