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Indian tennis tournament cancelled for 2008

Next month’s new ATP event in the southern Indian city of Bangalore has been cancelled due to security concerns after a spate of deadly bombings in the troubled area.

The ATP confirmed that local organizers raised the alarm for the safety of the tournament that had been shifted to the country’s high- tech centre after being played for two years in Mumbai.

“The ATP board can confirm that it has regrettably accepted a petition from the Bangalore Open to suspend the 2008 event due to the local promoter’s security concerns,” an ATP statement read.

The 400,000 dollars in prize money will be paid into the player pension fund instead.

Bangalore was rattled by a political bombing in late July, with another bomb exploding a day later in the western city of Ahmedabad, claiming up to 50 victims.

By contrast, a regular ATP event in Bangkok was played without problems two years ago after a peaceful coup in the country which left tanks and soldiers on the streets of the capital.

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