Sharapova visits US Open, talks about torn rotator cuff recovery

Now Sharapova is rehabilitating in Arizona, returning to her three-to-four hour daily grind on Tuesday in hopes of pulling up fit for the 2009 WTA season.

“I played with pain a majority of the time,” the current Australian Open champion said. “Even sleeping and in everyday things, I still feel it.”

Sharapova said the problem she first felt in March got worse last month in a match in Canada. “I knew it was more than just inflammation. Doctors then found two minor tears.”

The three-time Grand Slam champion called the whole farcical situation “frustrating.”

“If this had been properly diagnosed it would have been treatment months ago and maybe I wouldn’t have missed the Olympics and the US Open. I can get by without surgery, but it’s a long process.”

If she’s still feeling pain, sounds like she needs some more time off!

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