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Check out Djokovic’s new girlfriend

Leryn Franco, a track and field athlete from Paraguay, had a less than impressive showing at the Olympics, but managed to snag herself a new boyfriend - Novak Djokovic.
Franco, 26, and Djokovic, 21, have been seen walking around hand in hand in the Olympic village, leaving no doubt the athletic duo are in love.

“Djokovic looks to his new partner as if she were a trophy,” an Argentine athlete told La Nacion newspaper. “Is it official? Yes, of course. They go hand in hand everywhere,” he added.

Leryn, a part-time model and bikini contestant, and Djokovic, who was seeded No. 3 in tennis at the 2008 Olympics, have also been seen in a restaurant near the Olympic village where athletes reside during the Games. The Improper

Now she’s at the US Open, watching Novak’s matches. People are starting to wonder if she’s about to become a big distraction, but so far Novak is coming through in his matches.

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