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Marc's Profile

Off the Court

Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Gender: Male, 30's
High School: 2006 Grad of Landstown High School
About Me: I enjoy tennis and try to play to the best of my ability. I will warn you, I hit with a lot of topspin. Other than that you can find me at green run most of the time.

On the Court

Tennis Rating: 3.5
Play Frequency: Many Times a Week
Tennis Interests: Practice, Match Play
Favorite Match Type: Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles
Favorite Pro: James Blake

The Gear

Maker: Wilson
Model: Wilson N 6.1 95
Rating: 9
Review: This racquet is the previous model Feder... (read review)
Maker: Wilson
Model: Luxilon
Rating: 9
Review: Awesome for topspin and power. I can hit... (read review)
Maker: Nike
Model: Swoosh.
Rating: 10
Review: They are white with a tan bottom and som... (read review)